UDC 636.082.2:636.271


Yushkova I. V.
candidate of agricultural Sciences, senior research officer, Department of livestock

Siberian Research Institute of Agriculture

Keywords: breeding, cattle, bulls manufacturers, genotype, inbreeding, milk yield, herd Priobskiy type


The genotype, the level and quality of feeding, keeping and operating conditions affect milk production. Genotype also determines the rate of reaction of the organism to the influence of the environmental conditions. The formation of productive capacities occurs through breeding. In breeding, the major share of genetic progress provide bulls manufacturers. To achieve sustainable selection effect is important not only to select bulls, but also make rational use of their individual rebounds and broodstock. It is through such selection are accumulated and are secured with valuable hereditary quality. Priobskiy type was registered as breeding achievements in 2005. In the Omsk region it is superior to the original black-motley breed on dairy efficiency, high processability while maintaining the fertility and productive longevity. The aim of this study was to establish the most effective forms of parental pairs selection to improve economically valuable traits in cattle. The objectives included determination of the influence on productive qualities of cows of the direction and degree of heterogeneity of selection of parental pairs, the genealogical affiliation of the parents, the breed, origin and valuation producers. During research it is established that the herd Priobskiy type the use of remote inbreeding has a positive effect on protein yield and fat. To increase the allowable protein-milk purposeful use of inbreeding up to moderate. In a linear selection advantage over interline crosses. For the realization of the genetic potential should continue to improve diverse selection of all indicators of milk production under mandatory conditions.

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