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Biomechanics as a harbinger of transhumanism

Keywords: Biomechanics, philosophy, prosthetics, history, medicine, mechanics


Transhumanism is a philosophical movement called the most dangerous idea in the world or the most beautiful idea. Transhumanism appeared on the basis of scientific, technical and cultural progress. Opening the way to realize the most intimate desires of a person, to improve themselves.

Transhumanism is a philosophical concept, as well as an international movement that supports the use of science and technology to improve human mental and physical capabilities in order to eliminate those aspects of human existence that transhumanists consider undesirable: suffering, disease, aging and death.

Transhumanists study the possibilities and consequences of technologies, consider the dangers and advantages of technologies, including the process of merging biological, information, cognitive and nanotechnology into one.

In this article, we will not consider transhumanism itself, but the science that will become or has already become a harbinger of transhumanism in its broad sense.

Consider the science of biomechanics and the resulting biomechatronics. These are two complex Sciences that work for the benefit of humanity, but we will try to understand this in the article and discuss it in the conclusions. Because not everything is as clear as it looks at first glance.